DermArgan soap is made with argan oil. Its balanced composition fragrance and dye is designed for facial skin and sensitive body.Its balanced composition without parfume and dye is designed for facial skin and sensitive body.

Name of product

DermArgan soap OIL ARGAN 100g e net wt 3.47oz us

Product rating

Cosmetic product for external use

Product Use

Daily hygene face and body.

Conditions of materials control and lots of finished products :

H raw materials :Upon arrival, the materials are supplied directly Identified by their label, lot number is raised and the analysis report is archived.
Physico-chemical controls on raw materials are limited to those necessary to identify:are considered organoleptic criteria such as appearance, color, odor, taste, and physical characteristics such as density, PH, with reference to the specifications of the suppliers and the experience gained by the operator.
Finished product:physico-chemical controls on the finished product is present as assessment of organoleptic criteria such as appearance, color, odor and the Physical character is consistency, with reference to lots of focus and lots Manufactured previously.
Bacteriological tests are performed on each lot.
-appearance  : Pain
- Color : white
- smell   : Unscented.
- PH      : 6,5 - 7

How to identify batches :

Batch manufacturing are identified by the serial number defined to ensure traceability..

Full product formula :

denomination INCI
Palm oil, acids, sodium chloride, glycerin, argan oil.


Notice of the presentation of the unit sales of its capacity of materials used in the

composition containers: Specimens or reproduction of records,containers and product packaging delivered cellophane and packed in corrugated packaging recyclable.

Validity of the product by Bio Nature Area

Accelerated aging tests were made.
The packaged product support stays of three months in oven 20°C ,40°C , and  4°C without significant modification of its characteristics.
No change in color, consistency and odor its pH has been detected.
These tests lead to an estimate of over 4 years its conservation under normal conditions of storage and 15 months and after first use.

This product does not contain ingredients from bovine, ovine, caprine or any animal   Source. There is no risk of BSEcontamination since all ingredients are synthetic or natural plant derived

Controlled by Dermo-Cosmétique laboratory
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